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Product Name :
The mini cup machine
Product Features:

Baking cup machine manual
The machine can be any color color, portrait photo, landscape design and other baked in the cups , especially suitable for advertising, gifts , promotional activities. Also available as individual items , and art appreciation and practicality in one .

● microcomputer intelligent temperature control \ time integrated controller , high accuracy tracking with automatic temperature function ( temperature accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C);
● high temperature silicone mat makes the pressure more evenly baked India , 400 `C without deformation ;
● Pressure easy to adjust.
● full frame transfer can be achieved throughout the cup ;

Technical parameters:
● Voltage : 110/220V
● Power : 350W
● Temperature range :0-400 `C
● Time control :0- 200 seconds
● Weight : 11KG
● Package size : 360X330X260 (mm)

Operation :
1 cup into stereotypes , close the pressure on the handle ( adjustment moderate pressure ) , plug in the power , turn on the power switch ( red ) , the indicator light ; Note: The machine must have the appropriate protection of solid ground !
2 , temperature, and time adjustment is as follows:
Temperature setting : Press SET Set button once , then SV window lights , press the key addition or subtraction key to set the temperature set by the SET to return to complete the interface ;
Time setting : Press ST Set button once , then SV window lights , press the addition or decrement key to set the time , set the screen to complete the return by ST
4 , when the temperature reaches the set value , the machine will automatically enter a constant temperature ;
5 , remove the cup shape , and then wrapped with pictures of cups put in cup machine ( wrapped cups image page size must be sufficient to cover most of the porcelain surface to prevent porcelain surface is scorched and prevent creasing ) , close the pressure on the handle .
Note : The pressure is not too large , otherwise it will cause deform handle the pressure ! When the picture on the cup wall cladding , should be cut out of the same size and the size of the cup wall , which was covered in glass wall , with a good stick tape ( tape smaller the better) ; If the image itself is small enough to when covered with the whole cup wall , it should be covered with another layer of paper on the outside , to prevent the cup wall pad in direct contact with grilled printed .
6, the time, the buzzer sounds , then open the pressure handle , remove the cups ( after removal must be immersed in cold water to prevent the ink continues to spread ) , dry. Note : The machine must be placed when not stereotypes cup, close the pressure on the handle to protect the roast pad printing ;

Adjustments for:
● Pressure: ram pressure regulator on the handle to increase or decrease the pressure ;
● Time : Adjust the left side of the timer knob , transferred to the appropriate time ( 0-30 seconds ) ;
Temperature : Adjust the temperature control knob to the right , transferred to the appropriate temperature (180 ℃ -200 ℃)

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