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Product Name :
Double position hot machine
Product Features:
Pneumatic heat press machine manual Overview
   The machine can be sublimation , solvent-based inks on color patterns and text by which the transfer of cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics , but also for Flock Transfer and foam printing process such as heat treatment , economical and practical.
1, using the barometer pressure regulator . Smart thermostat control thermostat , temperature accuracy , the deviation of plus or minus 1 degree.
2 , thickened heating plate with heating wire cast as a whole, safe, durable , heat distribution .
3 , with the release of high temperature heating plate cloth .
4 , adjustable pressure , pressure requirements applicable to large heat transfer and sublimation transfer .
5 , with a high temperature silicone mat floor , the temperature reached 350 degrees without deformation.
     Technical parameter indicates :
Stamping Size : 38 * 38cm, 40 * 50cm, 40 * 60cm
     Voltage : 110V/220V
     Power : 1800W 2000W 2200W
     Temperature range: 0-399 degrees
     Time range : 0-999S
     Package Size:
     Weight :
Operation :
Turn on the power switch, temperature, time , pressure was adjusted to the desired requirements. ( Temperature control , press the SET button , press the ▼ key to decrease the temperature , press ▲ again for the warm press SET to set a good recovery after the time adjustment : click ST button , press ▼ key to subtract, press ▲ to when applied , press sET again after setting the recovery )
1 , when the temperature is reached, the switching to the "manual" position, the test for hot products suitable for determining the temperature and time can be converted to the "automatic " position , for mass production.
2, when switching to "manual " position , the hand press the " Manual Start " button will automatically heating plate under pressure, when the time arrives heating plate automatically rise , such as stamping process found the wrong place , then press the " Emergency Stop "button to abort the hot pressure , when the switch to the " automatic "position , simply push the board table will automatically place the heating plate under the pressure .
1 , pressure: if the pressure is not enough or too much , can be adjusted on the cylinder (filter ) control valve, like clockwise to increase pressure , counterclockwise to reduce pressure ( Please note that if there is oil cylinders ) .
2 , temperature : When the set temperature heating plate does not heat , check the thermostat , insurance, circuit , thermocouple, such as insurance bad insurer seat indicator lights , the thermocouple bad thermostat PV display "ET2 " should be replaced thermocouple, the temperature has been rising the temperature controller bad or solid-state relay bad , then loosen the solid line of control, as has also been rising , it is a solid state relay or bad, as the temperature does not rise is the thermostat is bad .
3 , Time: When switch to " Manual" button, press the "Manual start" not under pressure , then check "manual" switching to "Auto ", is under pressure when the platen in place , you should check platen there are no close behind micro switch contact point if the contact in place , if not in place should be adjusted.
4 , such as quality problems , please contact us.
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