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Product Name :
Plate heat transfer machine
Product Features:

The machine can be sublimation print, American pyrography, T-shirt transfer, offset print, puff print, osmotic press, swimsuit, heat transfer, thermal transfer hot beads, foam printing processing, economical and practical.

Main features

Electronic warp, intelligent digital display temperature controller, high accuracy (temperature error of plus or minus 1 degrees). ,

Precision around the pipe casting aluminum, uniform heating, safe, durable;

The heating plate is equipped with a Teflon high temperature cloth;

Electronic time control, process signal hint (time display automatic countdown);

The working pressure can be adjusted freely;

The bottom is equipped with high temperature silicone foam, high temperature resistant degree can be as high as 350 degrees without deformation;

Technical parameters indication:

Hot stamping size: 38*38cm 40*50cm 40*60cm 32*82cm 50*60cm 50*70cm 60*70cm 60*80cm 60*100cm

Power: 1800W 2000W 2200W

Temperature range: 0-399

Time range: 0-199S

Packing size: 72*46*42cm 76*69*48cm 76*69*48cm

Method of operation:

1, plug in the power, open the power switch, power indicator light and bright; (ground protection note: must have a suitable and reliable)

2, the smart thermostat set (usually 120 degrees -200 degrees), while the working time setting (usually 5-40 seconds). Temperature and time settings: A, temperature setting (press SET key, the temperature display flashes; health according to temperature increase, according to normal temperature reduced; the B), time (according to SET health, time display panel start flashing, press * kin time increase, decrease, according to determine the time temperature time health according to SET, health recovery)

The clothes on the next hot plate, and then stacked on hot or hot, (positive and negative heat transfer paper should note), press the handle down, until the end;

3, when instructions stamping time is reached, the buzzer alarm, then the handle to put back in situ;

4, if it is hot tear hot after printing paper, please immediately will burn paper torn off; if it is hot, cold tear, please use special blackboard eraser, will be hot, wipe evenly, after 5-10 seconds, then tear off the paper. Complete transfer need to cooperate with each other with hot stamping the right time and temperature and pressure type, thickness and material and heat transfer paper clothes all affect the short-run effects.

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