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Product Name :
Tray machine
Product Features:

This machine can be any color color, portrait, landscape pattern and personalized design baked on the plate, especially suitable for use in advertising, gifts, promotional activities, personalized goods industries.

Special point:

full digital display, time accurate;

PID microcomputer control, without placing stereotypes cup, direct heating;

platinum thermal resistance temperature, temperature control is more precise (1 ℃);

The appearance of fashion appearance, and easy to carry.

Technical parameters:

Voltage: 110/220V power: 500W

The temperature range of 0-400: time range: 0-200S


start the power switch, the power indicator light;

The close pressure (pressure adjustment handle moderate);

the thermostat to the desired temperature, the temperature reaches the set value indicating lamp extinguished, can start work;

the timer to time required;

will transfer your hat next hot plate, put on hot, (please note the positive and negative perm paper), the handle is pressed down until the end;

stamping time control time, buzzer, will handle up to in situ.

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