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Product Name :
Hydraulic sublimation four station press machine
Product Features:

Color patterns and words of this machine can be sublimated, solvent ink by thermal transfer hot in cotton, hemp, woven fabric, can also make hair heat transfer and foaming sublimation heat printing, fast speed, good printing effect.


1, the electric heat conducting, uniform heating. .

2, digital intelligent temperature control, temperature accurately.

3, pressure adjustable, suitable for high pressure and sublimation transfer printing press.

Electronic time control. After the completion of the work of heating plate automatically rise.

Technical parameters indication:

Hot stamping size: 80*100cm 100*120cm 100*140cm 120*140cm (can be customized)

Voltage: 110V/220V/380V

Power: 9.5KW 12KW 15KW 16KW

Temperature range: 0-399

Time range: 0-999S

Packing size: 147*104*107cm 160*120*159cm 180*135*170cm

Machine weight: 454kg 630kg 650kg 700kg

Method of operation:

1, turn on the power, and then set the desired temperature, time, pressure (or pressure). Temperature setting: PV as the actual temperature display, SV as the indicator of the set temperature, press the SET health, according to "health or health required temperature setting, set up after the press SET again health restoration, the button will automatically lock the heated to the required temperature. When the temperature reaches, put the hot stamping on the workbench, then push to go in, press the manual switch (the green start, red emergency stop), when the transfer time, the heating plate automatically rise, pull out the table. The operation can also be converted into automatic operation. Check printing items, confirm the required temperature, time, pressure to achieve short-run ideal effect, can be mass production, and regulate the temperature, according to the required time, pressure.

2, when the goods position does not find hot stamping process, then press the red emergency stop button (stop), interrupt hot stamping, back to the bench, alignment position, the table into place, press the start switch.

Note: the temperature control meter time temperature setting, the SET key is not adjusted, otherwise the temperature control table program damage, manufacturers will not warranty.

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